Ygetarts Week 8: Sales Training

Week 8: Sales Training

Pre-qualification comes first.

All of your marketing must be focused on pre-qualification. It must be directed at your set of target buyers. If not, you just end up having conversations with people that simply do not have the cash to purchase from you and are looking for a free handout from you. Those people never return with cash because the shame of them stealing time from you prevents them from returning. They just move on to their next target.


This is one of the marketing lessons included in the sales training.

For the sales and marketing process pre-qualification comes first

It is your responsibility to identify the basics of potential customers. This is of course fluid, but you have to start somewhere.

When people say -anyone can be a customer! They are not dealing in reality.

NO – every person can not be a customer

Here are some basics to help you define potential customer bases

  1. Is your product/service gender specific?
  2. Is your product/service age specific?
  3. How much discretionary monthly income should your client have?
  4. How much does your product/service cost as a percentage of their discretionary income?

For this weeks exercise – send me what you feel is a potential customer profile for one of your products or services.

Email the answer to roger@ygetarts.com