Ygetarts Week 9: Sales Training

Week 9: Sales Training

Prospecting comes second.

Understanding the previous lesson allows us to focus on prospecting within pre-qualified buyers – versus talking to everyone.


Prospecting comes second – because you want to prospect within the target customer base.

You don’t want to waste your time talking to people who are never going to buy. That is a waste of your time, effort, and energy.

This exercise is designed to help you create healthy boundaries for sales prospects by identification of who will not be buying from you.

Answer these questions

  1. Who is never going to buy from you? Start with the obvious – a person who doesn’t have money isn’t going to buy – expand from there.
  2. Who are potential time wasters of yours? Start with the obvious – a person who just wants to talk and ask questions because they are lonely is never going to buy from you.
  3. What customers do you not want? Start with owning your biases. Are you okay working with racists? You need to know these answers because you won’t be able to provide customer service to people you despise.
  4. Email the answers to roger@ygetarts.com