Year: 2023

The Business Ideas Matrix

The Business Ideas Matrix is a fun way to help you with decisions. Let’s face it most of our ideas are bad. Bad Ideas (60%) – “The Missteps and Misses”: Good Ideas (30%) – “The Tried and Trues”: Oh, What the Hell Ideas (10%) – “The Wild Cards”: This matrix underscores that while good ideas […]

Worrying: The Unofficial Business Partner You Didn’t Know You Had

Opening Act: Setting the Stage for the Worry Woes Hello, Worriers and Warriors alike! Today, we’re slicing through the thick fog of anxiety that blankets the world of business decisions. Just like socks disappear in the laundry, clarity vanishes when worry waltzes in. Let’s explore how our mental merry-go-round of ‘what ifs’ resembles cognitive biases […]

The Art of Entrepreneurship: 10 Hats You Need to Wear for a Thriving Business

The Art of Entrepreneurship – vote for your favorite hats The Art of Entrepreneurship: 10 Must own hats… The Magician’s Hat Trick: Unveiling the Secrets of Entrepreneurial Wizardry Welcome to the grand illusion of entrepreneurship, where the art of thriving in business is akin to performing a magician’s hat trick. In this mystical realm, the […]

Bracing for a Down Market: A Comedic Twist on Prudent Financial Strategies

Bracing for a down market. In the world of business, the only constant is change. And as someone who has juggled the whimsical world of comedy writing with the stern, straight-faced realm of finance, I’ve come to appreciate the unique insights that this unusual blend of experiences has afforded me. Now, as a business consultant, […]

From Baby Boomers to Gen Alpha: Why Every Generation’s Midlife Crisis is Starting a Business (And Why Yours Should Too!)

Starting a business by generation. Ever thought about starting a business? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time to consider it. And if you’re thinking, “I’m too young/old/busy/confused,” then stick around. I’ve got a joke or two and some MBA wisdom that might just change your mind. Generation Alpha: The TikTok Tycoons Remember when you were […]

Politics and Business: What could go wrong?

Do Not Listen to This Podcast · Politics and Business What could go wrong? There’s nothing like a spicy political debate to liven up the workday, right? Just the thought is enough to induce a few heart palpitations, am I right? The mixing of politics and business is like adding jalapenos to your morning coffee. […]

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