The Business Ideas Matrix

business idea matrix

The Business Ideas Matrix is a fun way to help you with decisions. Let’s face it most of our ideas are bad.

Bad Ideas (60%) – “The Missteps and Misses”:

  1. The Edible Smartphone Case: In the age of multi-use products, this seemed like a good idea – until people realized melting chocolate and sticky fingers aren’t so smart for touchscreens.
  2. Social Network for Pets: BowWOW was a platform where pets could ‘connect’, but it turned out most cats and dogs are terrible at typing and prefer sniffing each other in person.
  3. Glitter Beard Kits: Designed for the festive season, this trend had beards sparkling nationwide. However, it lost its luster when glitter started appearing in morning coffees and business meetings.

Good Ideas (30%) – “The Tried and Trues”:

  1. The Coffee Alarm Clock: Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee by your bedside? That’s a morning win. This idea brewed up from many sleepy brainstorming sessions.
  2. Magnetic Fridge Pens: Finally, a pen whenever you need to jot down your shopping list – and it sticks to the fridge! This came from someone tired of never finding a pen in the kitchen.
  3. Socks with Pockets: For those who always lose their keys or need a spot for emergency cash. This ‘sock-cessory’ was inspired by someone’s grandparent’s habit of tucking money into their socks for safekeeping.

Oh, What the Hell Ideas (10%) – “The Wild Cards”:

  1. Underwater Basket Weaving Kit: Because why not combine scuba diving with arts and crafts? Turns out, it’s a hit with the niche market of aquatic art enthusiasts.
  2. Glow-in-the-Dark Tires: For the driver who has everything, now they can light up the road in a whole new way. It started as a joke but now has a cult following among car enthusiasts.
  3. DIY Home Escape Room: Bored at home? Transform your living room into an escape room with traps and puzzles. It sounded crazy until it became the go-to activity during the lockdown.

This matrix underscores that while good ideas are often the result of experience and solid advice, the “Oh, what the hell” ideas are the ones that break molds, turning the zany into the amazing, and they often have the potential to either spectacularly succeed or give us the most memorable lessons.

The Business Ideas Matrix

Is a fun way to be creative in our decision making process.

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