I Thought You Were My Friends

I thought you were my friends

The new season of Do Not Listen to This Podcast Begins.

I am always an advocate for giving the audience what they want. But sometimes the audience causes trouble. I did a LinkedIn Poll about which topic to focus on for the new season. Did you help me? No, not really.

First, if you voted for sales tricks just send me a message and I’ll be glad to give a specific tip/trick to your industry.

Second, those of you who voted other – but didn’t say what the other topic was – are you proud of yourselves?

Lastly, the dilemma is an even split between Handling Divisiveness and Expanding Your Creativity.

So, I will creatively address your own divisiveness in the poll by alternating between the two topics. I’ll start with Expanding Creativity in today’s episodes. In all the episodes I’ll cover where personal and professional overlap.

Enjoy the episode called – I thought you were my friends.

Do Not Listen to This Podcast · I Thought You Were My Friends

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