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Understanding Pricing & Promotion Basics

This video walks through how I was introduced to pay what you can afford pricing from my therapist. Then I go into the three types of entry points you want for pricing your products and services. Low Discounted Full Rate You can order a pricing review using pay what you can afford between now and February 14th Order Full Price

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Finance Is Not That Complicated

Yes, I’m one of the few people with MBA Finance and Comedy writer on their resume/CV That gives me a unique perspective because I have a deeper understanding of the TRUE CASH value of Intangible assets. At the simple level, Finance is cash in, cash out, cash saved. We can do a complimentary financial analysis of your product/service/business. We do…

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Be a Loser

Losing gets a bad rap. Yet, sometimes we actually win when we lose. There is an irony here. Sometimes our competition is so focused on winning that they may not see a bigger prize. We’d Love to Work With You If you have a question prior to purchase contact us

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Be a Quitter

Too many people have an unhealthy relationship with the concept of quitting. Quitting is a tool. A tool that we should always use to learn and grow personally and professionally You can download the document. It features some things you should quit starting now. We’d love to work with you If you have a question prior to purchase contact us…

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Slow Down

Sometimes people are just moving fast for the sake of moving fast. When it comes to growing a business sometimes the answers is to simply slow down. A magical thing happens when we slow down. We see what is working more clearly We can begin to trust that at a deeper level We get to see what isn’t working We…

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Don’t be a People Pleaser

If you want to grow your business. You can’t be a people pleaser. You will not make everyone happy. Focus on helping those people who matter most – your customers. Talk to them. Listen to them. Grow with them. Keep it that simple. Your product or service isn’t for everyone. So you don’t have to make everyone happy